AURE Software is a set of software tools consisting of interconnected modules that create a centrally shared information database for easy and effective management of audit orders.

It is possible to interconnect individual modules and thus create an integrated solution, or they can fully function separately.

AURE.DM – Document Management
Module for managing audit orders

  • clear records of the audit file (using the AURE.AP module)
  • option of electronic signature of the working sheet author and controller
  • possibility of electronic references between documents
  • possibility of rolling over the file and retaining the selected documents for audit in the following period

AURE.TB – Trial Balance
Module for the turnover trial balance and the generation of financial statements of the company

  • an automated tool for working with the turnover trial balance that allows creating financial statements (standardised CAS, individual IAS-IFRS, HGB, …) and the lead sheets for individual areas of substantive testing
  • option of uploading the client’s turnover trial balance at the start of the audit
  • possibility of posting the detected misstatements and the subsequent adjustment of the lead sheets or financial statements
  • can be used also for the purposes of consolidation
  • possibility to roll over the turnover trial balance and retain the grouping for the following period

AURE.AP – Audit Pack
Module for an automatic generation of the order structure

  • automatic generation of the order structure order according to a predefined structure, including sample documents
  • standardised pack or the option to set up the pack individually according to the needs and practice of the auditor
  • default sample documents for planning, testing and reporting phases of the audit
  • an integrated overview of the identified specific risks and setting of the audit procedures for their coverage, including the conclusions of the work performed
  • a summary of the carried out audit – overview of the audit procedures performed, identified misstatements and the coverage of risk areas
  • sample documents for assessing possible misappropriation and for the evaluation of the company ability company to continue its activities
  • sample authentication documents for banks, lawyers, suppliers, customers, insurance companies and related parties

AURE.DR – Data Room
Module for secure document sharing

  • a highly secure web system (Internet repository) where it is possible to store, distribute and share confidential and non-public documents and information between the clients and third parties for faster and more efficient transferring the information and documents for work on audit orders
  • full control over who sees what and when, thanks to secure access
  • continuous online access to the services of the electronic data room – 24 hours 7 days a week; no restrictions on the number of access permissions, the time spent browsing the shared data, or the amount of downloaded data
  • accelerates and provides a high level of security of the shared data through strictly controlled access permissions

AURE.BO – Back Office
Module for the administrative support of orders

  • a tool for effective office management in accordance with certain ISQC1 requirements
  • the possibility of creating databases of clients, contacts, orders, employees, and more
  • registration and planning of audit orders (possibility of scheduling individual employees directly for an order on agreed dates)
  • creating work reports for individual orders and the possibility to assess the hours planned against the actual ones
  • possibility of recording the ancillary costs of the order
  • the possibility of billing individual orders

AURE.IND – Independence Tool
Module for tracking and monitoring the independence of activities

  • an appropriate tool for companies or groups of companies for effective monitoring and evaluating potential conflicts