AURE Software offers a wide range of functionalities for automated work and working time saving of the audit team and, at the same time, is flexible enough for further editing.

  • AURE Software allows establishing an audit order (project) in the structure according to the selected pack (a predefined formal structure of the order, including sample documents).
  • The option to back up an order and restore it.
  • The possibility of individual creation of a pack according to the practices and working procedures of the company.
  • The variability of the software allows both the use of a standardised pack, numbering, dividing into sections, etc., and the creation of a pack completely according to the client’s requirements and working procedures, including numbering, dividing into sections, etc.
  • The documents within the audit orders can be:
    retained in versions (store document)
    signed as the author, controller
    sent automatically by e-mail
    edited in the server database or in the database of each workstation
    – to preserve uniqueness, only one original (master) document can be handled, while the slave version of the document is read-only. This setting allows effective work in teams
    – the software can create documents in standard formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pdf) and also work with special formats

  • The AURE.DM module is a system of documents where the defined information and conclusions in one document are automatically shown in another document (work flow).
  • It is possible to use the standard work flow or to set it up according to the requirements of the client. E.g. Audit procedures – identification of risks and their evaluation, etc.

  • AURE Software allows inserting additional comments in separate fields using the Tickmarks tool and streamlining the worksheet.
  • AURE Software has a built-in feature for creating automatic references between different Excel worksheets and files, allowing better control of the sources of data used for complex documents.